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We specialize in New Product Development for Web & Mobile. Go from Ideas & Prototyping to Product Market Fit with a battle-tested technical partner.

Skip the line. Get a Hands-on CTO Today.

Meet Adam, your new high-school dropout, hands-on CTO who helped 12 startups raise $277M in the last 15 years.

Been there, done that. 
No drama just results.
Been there, done that. No drama just results.
Our passion leads us on amazing journeys with bright founders in Silicon Valley, London, NY, Dubai, Singapore, Vancouver, Madrid, and Budapest.
Done For You Management 
& Startup Coaching.
Done For You Management & Startup Coaching.
Context is king. Quick Onboarding. Focused meetings. We show you new ways and integrate your existing workflows and systems.
Flexible Long-Term 
Strategic Partnership.
Flexible Long-Term Strategic Partnership.
We focus on your success and that requires flexibility and a long-term vision. We built our business model around this.
Experience with 
Startups & Scaleups.
Experience with Startups & Scaleups.
No shortcuts, just proven systems and processes from idea to IPO. We detect B.S. and bottlenecks way in advance and help you avoid them.

Are you the next Success Story?

$277M Raised
by our clients
average rating
15 Years
of experience
82 Projects
They have both technical skills and design understanding, which is important. The solutions met or exceeded expectations and are of high-quality. Aimform implemented an effective project management style, consistently delivering on time and within budget as well as utilized several tools. They made collaboration seamless and were a true partner.
Loren Roosendaal AvatarLoren Roosendaal Avatar
Loren Roosendaal
CEO at Galactic Entertainment
4.5 Star Rating at
Loren Roosendaal Background
Adam is a product genius disguised as a front end hacker. In case you think I'm exaggerating, just ask him to review your product :) Also, he's amazing to work with, inspires you to do better as a leader etc. A once and future superstar :)
Arjun Vasan AvatarArjun Vasan Avatar
Arjun Vasan
Head of Voice Innovation at Presto
5 Star Rating at
Arjun Vasan Background
Aimform has been instrumental in building out some of ElectrIQ Power's core procedures. Aimform's limitless creativity makes it a dream to create an ideal user experience for our customers. In the year that I have worked with Aimform, I continually find myself applauding their organization and transparency as remote workers. Here's to another year!
Brandon Sanchez AvatarBrandon Sanchez Avatar
Brandon Sanchez
Director of Marketing at ElectrIQ Power
5 Star Rating at
Brandon Sanchez Background
Adam is one of those full stack developers that by the time your normal full stack developer has finished making his or hers morning latte, he would have picked up and learned the newest JS framework, release some opensource project he's been working on for fun, and hack the NSA mainframe. it's not fair, but hey, life isn't fair. Adam, you bastard.
Guy Manova AvatarGuy Manova Avatar
Guy Manova
Senior Analyst at eToro
5 Star Rating at
Guy Manova Background
The experience of working with Adam has always felt like being strapped into a creative rocket and being launched into far away distances from the status quo. Adam sees a picture of the future that is based in possibility and he has the technical skills to quickly build the tools that make that future a reality today.
Aron Magyari AvatarAron Magyari Avatar
Aron Magyari
Product Manager at Ratterman Industries
5 Star Rating at
Aron Magyari Background
Worked with Adam when he implemented a new payment portal for my gyms in Budapest and connected the payments to the membership software so payments were integrated to access system in the gyms. He worked fast, and managed to make this system work all by himself. It was possible to choose payment provider and he was flexible with my needs.
Henrik Thornsnes AvatarHenrik Thornsnes Avatar
Henrik Thornsnes
Co-Owner at Nr1Fitness
5 Star Rating at
Henrik Thornsnes Background
We worked together with Ádám on the development of a unique search solution (Node.js, Azure). He is a real solution-oriented person.
Ferencz Stizca AvatarFerencz Stizca Avatar
Ferencz Stizca
CEO at Monad Systems
4.5 Star Rating at
Ferencz Stizca Background

How do we begin?

Discovery Call
Discovery Call
We schedule a call to find out if we are a good fit. Learn about your general idea, phase, and next steps. No-obligation here.
Right after scheduling, you'll get a link to our pre-signed Non-Disclosure Agreement so you can safely tell us more about your idea.
Exploration Workshop
Exploration Workshop
A free 60 min workshop to discuss your customer journeys in more detail, and see if we can actually work together.
Time to commit. You will get a contract to sign, and you have to subscribe to our services.
Work Begins
Work Begins
Time to deliver. Now it's our turn to deliver your solution with your collaboration.

Outpace your competition by building,
learning, and delivering value faster.

Build iteratively towards your vision. Improve your product by integrating customer and industry insights at every turn.

Aimform's Agile Development Process for New Product Development

The Power of Pause

The reality is at this stage you don't always need to be in development mode while you gather feedback or raise funds. You can pause anytime, credits roll over. Resubscribing is a simple booking process where you let us know 1-2 weeks in advance.

We create a Minimum Viable Product
We create a Minimum Viable Product
Within 4 weeks
You Gather Feedback & Raise Funds
You Gather Feedback & Raise Funds
1-3 months
We create a Minimum Lovable Product
We create a Minimum Lovable Product
1-3 months
$3,995 - $11,985
You Gather Feedback & Raise Funds
You Gather Feedback & Raise Funds
1-3 months
We create a Maximum Viable Product
We create a Maximum Viable Product
1-3 months
$3,995 - $11,985
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Tech is now your competitive advantage.

Amplify your subject matter experience with a reliable and affordable technical partner who invests in your success. Replace unreliable freelancers, expensive agencies, and hard-to-get CTOs with no sense of product, design, business, marketing, and sales.

Icon for Keep Shares & Control
Keep Shares & Control
Keep your equity and control while we build your software.
Icon for Predictable Budgeting
Predictable Budgeting
No surprises! Pay the same rate each month. Easy to budget.
Icon for Get Unstuck
Get Unstuck
Unwrap your vision or feedback and turn them quickly into actionable steps.
Icon for Team Building
Team Building
Get help vetting, hiring, and building out your own foundational technical team.
Icon for Tech Stack Selection
Tech Stack Selection
Get help selecting the right tech stack for your project.
Icon for Feasibility & Estimation
Feasibility & Estimation
Get a technical assessment of your ideas before committing.
Icon for Unique and All Yours
Unique and All Yours
Each piece of your software is made especially for you and is 100% yours.
Icon for Quality Code
Quality Code
Scalable code with the highest standards at your fingertips whenever needed.
Icon for Structured Innovation
Structured Innovation
Managing innovative new products is a hairy challenge that we mastered.
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What you get:
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Backend Development
Icon for Frontend Development
Frontend Development
Icon for Product Ownership
Product Ownership
Icon for Product Design
Product Design
Icon for Daily Collaboration
Daily Collaboration
Icon for Weekly Updates
Weekly Updates
Icon for Weekly Sprint
Weekly Sprint
Icon for UX Workshops
UX Workshops
Icon for Agile Roadmaps
Agile Roadmaps
Icon for Unlimited Revisions
Unlimited Revisions
Icon for Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Projects
Icon for Unlimited Features
Unlimited Features
Artifacts you may need to provide:
Customer Personas for UI/UX
Customer Journey for UI/UX
UI/UX & User Stories for Frontend.
Business Requirements for UX & Architecture.
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Frequently Asked Questions